Message from the Chairman – TW SFXS FOUNDATION FUND LIMITED

Message from the Chairman

In the year of 2013, our School celebrated her jubilee anniversary.  In the same year, TW SFXS Foundation Fund Limited (“Foundation Fund”) was established.  The first Chairman of the Foundation Fund was the respectable Br. Joseph.  It is indeed my honour to be appointed the Chairman of the current term.  I accept this challenge with humility.

The primary purpose of the Foundation Fund is, among others, to provide various kinds of support to the School, including financing the School to improve the learning environment for students by refurbishing the School’s dilapidating facilities and equipment, with the purpose of enhancing students’ academic, sport as well as aesthetic performance.

We will work closely with the Principal, teachers and staffs, alumni, the PTA and the students with the objective to the pursuit of excellence and bringing quality education to the future generations of TW SFXS.

During the 50th Anniversary of the School, with the support of all of you, the Foundation Fund had successfully raised  over HK$4 Million of donations.

This year, the Foundation Fund has also funded to purchase 200 pieces of Graduation Gowns.

An important project will soon be commenced; that is the refurbishment of the Changing Room.  It is beyond doubt that the amount involved is substantial, we do wish to have your continuing support to make this project happens.

Besides, with the view to enhancing the achievements of our student athletes, we are working on a funding project so that the school sports team can hire professional coaches and better the accessories for our student athletes.

We are most grateful to the Alumni for their unfailing support to our work and we take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the Alumni.  Although the Alumni and the Foundation Fund are 2 different entities, we are indeed working towards the same goals.  To make us stronger and better, you are always welcome to share with us your valuable thoughts.

We also request for your continuing support by making a monthly donation of HK$100 to the Foundation Fund.  The Foundation Fund is a charitable institution which is exempted from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, your donation to the Foundation Fund can claim for tax exemption.

Yip Ki Chi Luke
May 2016



2013年,在母校慶祝五十周年銀禧紀念的同時,〈荃灣聖芳濟中學基金會有限公司〉(“〈基金會〉”)亦於同年成立。基金會的第一屆主席是大家都尊敬的Brother Joseph。而在Br. Joseph 卸任後,我獲委任為本屆主席。深感榮幸的同時,我以謙恭的態度迎接這挑戰,為學校及大家服務。